Halophila stipulacea

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Scientific Name: Halophila stipulacea

Number of Blades/Leaves: 20 on Rhizome, 5 on single disk

Blade/Leaf Width: 13.78” (35cm) total width on Rhizome, 2.76” (7cm) wide on single disk

Mount: Available on Rhizome or single disk 

Distribution: Halophila stipulacea is found from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, down the coast of east Africa to Mozambique. It occurs around Madagascar and around the islands of the west Indian Ocean. It is also reported from east India. It is an invasive species in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Description:  Halophila stipulacea  is widespread and common and can form dense stands. The overall population is thought to be stable. It grows in a wide range of environmental conditions, and in a variety of coastal substrates. Coastal development can locally affect seagrass beds, as can poor water quality. However, this is a fast growing species and it can recolonize quickly after removal. 

Halophila stipulacae is an important food source for dugongs in the Indian Ocean, and also for green turtles throughout its range.


Live halophila stipulacea growing on a sandbed in the ocean