Toothed Wrack

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Scientific Name: Fucus serratus

Number of Blades/Leaves: 6

Blade/Leaf Width: .94” (24mm)

Distribution: Fucus serratus is found along the Atlantic coast of Europe from Svalbard to Portugal, in the Canary Islands and on the shores of north-east America.

Description: Fucus serratus is a seaweed also known as toothed wrack or serrated wrack. F. serratus is a robust algae, olive-brown in color and grows from a discoid holdfast up to 180 centimeters (6ft) long. The fronds are flat, about 2cm (0.8in) wide, bifurcating, and up to 1m (3ft 3in) long including a short stipe. It branches irregularly and dichotomously. The flattened blade has a distinct midrib and is readily distinguished from related taxa by the serrated edge of the fronds.


Live colony of toothed wrack living among other species of algae on the seafloor