Shoal Grass

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Scientific Name: Cymodocea nodosa

Number of Blades/Leaves: 68

Blade/Leaf Width: 13.78” (35cm)

Mount: On Rhizome        

Distribution: Cymodocea nodosa is found in shallow parts of the Mediterranean Sea and the adjoining parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the coasts of Portugal, Mauritania and Senegal and round the Canary Islands, Madeira and the island of Cape Verde.

Description: Cymodocea nodosa is a species of seagrass in the family Cymodoceaceae and is sometimes known as little Neptune grass. C. nodosa has light green or greyish-green leaves. They are very narrow but may be up to 40cm long. Each leaf has seven to nine veins running along its length. The plant produces rhizomes which are only 1mm in diameter and have leaf scars at intervals. Inconspicuous grass-like flowers are sometimes produced at the end of long stems in the spring when water temperatures begin to rise after their winter minimum. The pollen is liberated into the sea and the seeds remain dormant until the following spring.


Live shoal grass on a sandbed in the ocean