Red Marine Seaweed (Delesseria sanguinea)

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Scientific Name: Delesseria sanguinea

Number of Blades/Leaves: Multiple 

Total Plant Width: 15cm-45cm

Color: Red 

Distribution: Delesseria sanguinea is common around Ireland, Great Britain, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, to the north to Norway and Iceland south in Spain.

Description: Delesseria sanguinea is a common and bright red perennial algea with flat leaf-like red blades rising from a discoid holdfast. The blades are monostromatic, that is composed of a layers of single cells, and can grow to 25 cm long. Each blade rises from a cylindrical stipe, the stalk-like part, which branches only at near the base. Each blade may be up to 8 cm wide and show a clear midrib with lateral veins. The tips of the blades are rounded