Laminaria digitata

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Scientific Name: Laminaria digitata

Number of Blades/Leaves: 1

Blade/Leaf Width: Available in 11.81” (30cm) wide, 17.72” (45cm) wide, or 23.62" (60cm) wide

Distribution: Laminaria digitata occurs in the north west Atlantic from Greenland south to Cape Cod and in the north east Atlantic from northern Russia and Iceland south to France. It is common round the coasts of the British Isles except for much of the east coast of England.

Description: Laminaria digitata is a large brown algae, also known by the common name Oarweed. It is a tough, leathery, dark brown seaweed that grows to two or three meters. The holdfast which anchors it to the rock is conical and has a number of spreading root-like protrusions called rhizoids. The stipe or stalk is flexible and oval in cross section. The blade is large and shaped like the palm of a hand with a number of more or less regular finger-like segments. 


Live oarweed floating on the ocean surface