Devil's Apron

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Scientific Name: Laminaria saccharina

Number of Blades/Leaves: 1

Blade/Leaf Width: Available in 1.97” (5cm) wide, 3.94” (10cm) wide, 5.9” (15cm) wide, or 7.87” (20cm) wide         

Distribution: Laminaria saccharina is found in the north east Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea south to Galicia in Spain. It is not found in the Bay of Biscay but is common around the coasts of the British Isles. The species is found in sheltered rocky seabeds.

Description: Lamanaria saccharina is also known by the common names Sea Belt and Devil's Apron, due to its unique shape. It is yellowish brown in color, with a long, narrow, undivided blade that can grow to 5 meters (16ft) long and 20cm (7.9in) wide. The central band is dimpled while the margins are smoother with a wavy edge. The frond is attached to the rock by stout rhizoids about 5mm in diameter in the intertidal and sublittoral zones by a claw-like holdfast and a short, pliable, cylindrical stipe. 


Live devil's apron seakelp floating in a shallow rocky shoreline